Of course you know that the problem is that there is not enough renewable energy in the energy mix of your given target, but now you need to think about the cause of this problem.

A helpful tool to make the obvious and less obvious problems visible is a ‘Problem Tree‘. The tree can help you identify root causes, core problems and effects. Thinking about your problem by building a problem tree is a useful exercise, allowing you to lay out the different parts of the problem and then think about how to overcome those.
The below example can be used for every problem you may encounter such as:

  • Local opposition to energy infrastructure is hampering achieving 100% RE
  • Sub-national jurisdictions regulate electricity service providers and utilities
  • RE development is not given enough priority in national policies
    The public discourse is set by the fossil fuel industry through marketing, astroturfing and political influence.

Example problem tree: Office of the Dean does not want to install solar panels

Problem tree template download

If politics is the ‘art of the possible’, campaigning is the science and art of changing what is possible. Campaigning lowers the barriers and increases the incentives to take action.

Chris Rose

Director International Development at Canadian Red Cross